Ballet is great for deportment and poise, co-ordination, rhythm, presentation and confidence.

Classical Ballet is technical and precise, you need it in order to perform any other type of dance.  It not only builds the foundation for other forms of dance but also builds the stamina and strength needed to perform other types of dance.

At SRA, we currently offer:

  • Pre-School Ballet
  • Pre-Primary Ballet
  • Primary Ballet
  • Senior Ballet
  • Graded Ballet (RAD):
    • Grade 1 Ballet
    • Grade 2 Ballet
    • Grade 3 Ballet
    • Grade 4 Ballet
    • Grade 5 Ballet
    • Grade 7 Ballet
    • Grade 8 Ballet
  • Intermediate Foundation Ballet
  • Intermediate Ballet
  • Advanced Ballet/Pointe
  • Adult Ballet

Our current ballet teachers are Sharon RaultKelly Williams and Hannah Callaby.