Group Singing

The group singing classes are an exciting exploration of a wide range of repetoire, including traditional warm ups with ear training games round the piano through to score reading with full orchestral digital audio tracks. But this is not kareoke! The latest in music technology allows the tutor to change keys, tempos, instrumental bias, to continually challenge and inspire enthusiasm. This fusion of traditional choir and ensemble practice with flexible backing creates a fast track experience from page to stage driven by the musical energy. The classes retain popularity across the ability spectrum, and as such the learning environment is superb.

Our current group singing teacher is Jason Rees.

Private Singing

Singing is studied one to one with an experienced vocal coach. At all stages, the emphasis in these classes is to build safe and secure vocal technique. As the students advance they will begin to develop a portfolio of material suitable for public performance and audition. The training is based on contemporary voice science and the repetoire draws primarily on musical theatre, jazz and pop/rock genres.

Our current private singing teacher is Jason Rees.

Private Singing (Musical Theatre Examination Class)

Musical theatre examinations are performance based exams with particular emphasis on singing. Candidates are required to choose 3 or 4 songs depending on the grade from various periods of musical theatre.  Being a performance exam candidates are required to present their programme as they would on stage.  Elements of props and costume are encouraged.  Technical exercises are not a part of these exams, replaced instead by a discussion with the examiner about the choice of programme. (N.B. Grade 5 theory is not required for those wishing to take Grades 6-8!) Examinations are awarded through the London College of Music and were established in 1887. The Susan Roberts Academy has now been set up as a private centre, and examiners will now travel to us in Cobham rather than candidates having to travel to London!

For those wishing to study the performing arts at college or university, these exams are a must. The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) now recognizes Grades 6-8, meaning that students applying for any course of study at a UK Higher Education institution are entitled to add theses awards to their A level results.

Students will prepare for these exams by taking ½ hour individual singing lessons on a weekly basis during term time. These can be taken as a new class or in conjunction with existing singing lessons, dance, drama, or musical theatre classes.

Our current Musical Theatre Examination teacher is Jamie Cordell.